Mascarpone Raspberry Quark


1 cup whipped cream, 200 g

2 Natural yoghurt cup 150 g

250 g Mascarpone

500 g Magerquark

500 g Raspberries, TK, not thawed

200 g Sugar


  1. Mix well with the sugar, mix well with quark, yoghurt and mascarpone, best use the hand stirrer to allow the sugar to dissolve well. Then add the stiff whipped cream.
  2. Now alternate layers of frozen raspberries and quartz (looks nicest in a glass bowl). Sprinkle with the sprinkled chocolate. Must last at least three hours (because of the raspberries).
  3. Tips: Can be prepared well in the evening before and then stored in the fridge.
  4. Using fresh fruit reduces the amount of sugar!

Best devices for this recipe:

 Hand Blender - HB005


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