Use Methods and Precautions of the Toaster

Toaster is a commonly used kitchen appliance, which is mainly used to toast slices of bread. Many novices do not know how to use a toaster after buying it. In fact, a toaster usually includes a multi-function oven, an insulated stove top, and a special lifting device. The more advanced ones also include a detachable crumb tray. When using, put the toaster on a flat, clean and fixed surface.


1. Precautions for the use of the toaster


(1) Do not put any part of the toaster in water or other liquids;

(2) Before using for the first time, please don't put bread slices. Let the toaster work for about two minutes, and a certain amount of smoke will come out, which is a normal phenomenon;

(3) Do not touch the hot parts inside the toaster bread toaster;

(4) Please place the toaster bread toaster out of the reach of children;

(5) It is only suitable for sliced bread;

(6) Do not put in oversized bread or metal objects. This may cause a short circuit;

(7) Please do not use it next to flammable fibrous materials such as curtains, clothes, etc., to avoid fire;

(8) Please do not take out the bread and crumb tray during the working process of the toaster bread toaster (wait until it has cooled down);

(9) During use, the surface of the toaster bread toaster will have a certain degree of heat.


2. The maintenance method of the toaster


(1) The bread oven should not bake bread slices coated with butter to prevent the butter from melting and adhering to the oven cavity.

(2) The bread oven should bake fresh bread or bread with a certain humidity, otherwise it will burn easily.

(3) Don't cut the freshly baked bread or the bread with higher temperature immediately into slices and put it into the toaster bread toaster to bake, otherwise it will not pop out immediately after baking because the bread is soft, and it will be blocked at the exit.

(4) After each use of the toaster bread toaster, wait for the machine body to cool down to normal temperature before cleaning it. If the surface of the shell is too dirty, wipe it with a semi-dry and semi-wet cloth dipped in some detergent, and then wipe it dry with a soft dry cloth.


3. The cleaning method of the toaster


(1) Before cleaning the pretty toaster, unplug the power socket. After the machine body has completely cooled down, wipe the body and the top cover with a soft damp cloth dampened with mild soap and water. It should be noted that do not immerse the whole machine or the bread bucket in water, just pour the water into the bread bucket and clean the inside;

(2) After cleaning, completely dry the bread bucket and mixing blades;

(3) Do not use abrasive cleaners and hard wool fabrics to clean, so as not to damage the non-stick coating. 

(4) Do not use the dishwasher to clean the bread bucket and blades;

(5) Use a waste toothbrush dampened with some detergent to clean up, which can achieve thee most great effect, and every little filth can be cleaned. But it should be noted that the brush should be soft so as not to wear the toaster.

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