Types and Functions of Electric Toasters

1. Types of electric toaster


2 slice toaster

The 2 slice toaster is the most popular and widely available option. Most people like this one, because the 2 slice toaster is a good choice for small kitchens with limited counter space. The controls are usually located at the short end of the electric toaster.


4 piece toaster

If you live in a larger family, you may want an electric toaster that can bake four slices at a time, but finding an electric toaster that can evenly bake four slices of bread can be tricky. Make sure you have enough bench space to place a 4 piece toaster. The controls are usually located on the front of the electric toaster.


Long slot electric toaster. The long slot electric toaster has one or two longer slots, and each slot can hold two slices. It is less common, but it is a good compromised choice for those who want to bake four slices but don't have room for bulky appliances, because it is slimmer. It is also great for accommodating taller bread slices or oddly shaped breads because you can put them on both sides. The quality of the long slot electric toaster varies greatly. By checking all reviews of our long slot electric toaster, make sure you don't end up making a wrong choice.


2. Standard functions of the electric toaster


Even for the cheapest electric toaster, these functions are often standard configuration:

(1) Cancel: stop the baking cycle;

(2) Defrost: for baking frozen bread;

(3) Reheat: quickly heat up your toast;

(4) Bread crumb tray: accept any scattered crumbs.

If you use the electric toaster every day, empty it at least once a week.


3. Other things to consider when buying an electric toaster


(1) The size of slot: Most electric toasters find it hard to contain larger bread types, leaving an unbaked loaf of bread. Or, worst of all, they are not suitable for them. If you like afternoon tea time and eat muffins and bagels, please look for the electric toaster with extra-wide slots.

(2) Electric toaster style: Geometric patterns or chrome finishes may look great in the store, but it will attract fingerprint marks and crumbs. If you want a low-maintenance but stylish electric toaster, look for a smooth surface and avoid cumbersome designs.

(3) Easy-to-use controls: If it is too small and difficult to use, you may find it may make you frustrated every day.

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